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personalised wedding cake toppers

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What are the cake toppers made from?


They are made from polymer clay and once baked they turn into a hard plastic material and will last many years. It conforms to the European Standard EN 71 part 5 and bears the ACMI-Seal AP "non toxic"  


How soon should I place my order?


As soon as you can, as I get booked up very quickly. The longer you wait to place an order the more chance someone else may have already booked in that date. I will let you know when we need all the details from you, which is usually at least 6 weeks before your wedding day.


How big are the cake toppers?


They are approx 5 inches tall and placed on to a round 4.5 inches base (Bride & Groom + pet/small prop).  


Please let me know if you would like the topper and base to be made smaller to fit onto a 4 inch cake.  


Will my cake topper last a long time?


Yes, they are meant to last many years providing that they are looked after properly and do not get dropped. There's no reason why the topper shouldn’t last a lifetime.


How do I store my cake topper?


It would be best to store your cake topper where it cant get damaged and out of the sunlight such as a glass cabinet - this will keep the dust off them. You can clean the topper using a small brush. Avoid using water which may damage them.  


When will I receive my cake topper?  


I make cake toppers in wedding date order, so you will receive your topper approx 2 - 3 weeks before your wedding day.